Dr. Richard Smith

Rick Smith has worked in the field of special education for the past 15 years. His focus has been students with exceptional needs, including those who are considered to be gifted or highly talented. He specializes in work with adolescents who may have challenges, such as high anxiety, mild autism, or other emotional or behavioral needs that negatively impact their academic work.

During his time as a teacher, he also spent many years teaching students who were unable to attend school due to behavioral challenges, physical disabilities, or chronic illnesses. He is an IB certified teacher with particular higher-level certifications for teaching math, science, and Language arts. He is fluent in Spanish and English. His experiences as a teacher and as an enrichment coordinator have been in International schools in the USA, Moscow, Russia and most recently, in Hong Kong.

He holds Bachelors and Masters of Education, and has completed additional graduate work in counseling and social work. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and is completing his doctoral studies at The University of Bath, UK. He has authored research papers on parental engagement, grade inflation, and improving school leadership. His research interests are in the area of Mindfulness and other contemplative teaching practices. He has trained with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the International Baccalaureate Organization, and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

He is currently providing educational support for adolescents with exceptional needs at Central Health, Island Health and Southside, by appointment.

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