Dr. Timothy Woo

Timothy received both his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in social work from York University, and his doctoral degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Timothy Woo is the Upper School Wellbeing Guidance Counselor at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Designed to address student mental health both at a level of intervention and prevention, He works with students on a short- and long-term basis according to their needs, and collaborates with other counselors and teachers to foster an environment where the students’ best interests are always the focus.

Timothy has over 15 years of professional experience in working with young people. He has worked with organisations such as; YMCA as a Youth Employment Officer; Grandview Children’s Centre, an outpatient rehabilitation hospital for children with special needs as the adolescent Social Worker and therapist; World Vision Canada as a regional representative; ISF Academy as a Senior Counsellor; and with KELY Support Group as a Programme Coordinator.

With a focus on family resilience and adolescent depression, Timothy is passionate about contributing to the field of adolescent mental health such that youth understand their inherent value and are able to see the potential impact that they have in the community and world around them.