Grace Ranke

Grace Ranke is an Australian trained Clinical Psychologist with over 8 years of clinical experience. She holds a Bachelors and an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Queensland and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Queensland University of Technology.

Grace has varied experience working with children, adolescents and young adults in both community and in-patient mental health settings, including working as part of a specialised government child and adolescent mental health team, where she acquired specialist skills in dealing with complex and severe mental health issues. Grace has also worked with a world-renowned clinic for clients with autism spectrum conditions in Brisbane, Australia, where she gained expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions as well as other common childhood difficulties, such as behavioural problems, social issues (e.g school based bullying), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety based disorders and depression. Before moving to Hong Kong, Grace spent three and a half years in the Cayman Islands where she worked with a range of clients and presentations in a private practice setting. As such she is well accustomed to the unique needs of expatriate clients and their families and she is looking forward to continuing to work with this population in Hong Kong.

Grace uses evidence-based best practice techniques, drawing mainly from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model in her group and individual sessions. This often involves practical social skill development as well as building emotional recognition, regulation and behaviour management strategies. Grace also provides comprehensive assessments for a range of psychological conditions and offers follow up support and therapy where needed.

Grace particularly enjoys working with children, adolescents and their families to promote individual strengths and to develop understanding and support. She is a passionate advocate for positive mental health, through building personal strengths, resilience and coping strategies.

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