Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder Clinic

The Child Development Team has a dedicated clinic to diagnosing and supporting children with attentional and executive functioning difficulties.

ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that can present very differently in children and adolescents. Some children are very hyperactive and impulsive, others are quiet and tend to ‘zone out’ or lose focus quickly. Others experience both.

ADHD is surprisingly hard to diagnose accurately as expectations placed on children have changed dramatically (especially in Hong Kong) and many of these individuals with ADHD can focus well, can be well organised, and can regulate their behaviours depending on the type of activity they are engaging in. Many individuals with ADHD find that they are able to focus and engage when the activity is fun, engaging, or challenging for them. However, they have significant difficulty attending to, or being organised towards, those activities that (in their mind) are boring, repetitive, too hard or too easy. You can read more about ADHD and it’s associated symptoms and challenges from our Executive Functioning Information Sheet.

Our ADHD clinic provides a suite of services designed to support children and adolescents with ADHD and their caregiver(s). One area of focus for our ADHD clinic is Executive Functioning. Executive Functioning (EF) is an area of challenge that is present in all individuals with ADHD but is often not appropriately supported. Research has shown that by supporting the development of EF, outcomes for children and adolescent with ADHD dramatically improve, more so than solely using medication or other behaviour management strategies.

We support the development of Executive Functioning by working on it from many different angles using research-based methodology. In order to develop a coherent and practical plan, our Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC) coordinates appointments, liaises with individual therapists involved, and compiles an Individual Support Plan. Individuals entering our ADHD clinic (following a diagnosis), typically access:

  1. An EF program with our Occupational Therapist that improves sensory regulation, sequencing, motor planning, organisation, and impulse control.
  2. Enrollment in our EF Group Program that focuses on improving social interactions, emotional and behavioural regulation.
  3. A consultation for the caregiver(s) (and domestic helper if requested) with one of our psychologists to develop parenting and behaviour management strategies.
  4. A consultation with our psychiatrist to explore psychopharmacology support (if recommended by our team or requested by the caregiver).

For more information on our ADHD clinic, please contact our Clinic Director.