Confident Club

  • 04 Sep - 20 Nov 2023
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  • Autumn Camp
  • R1 & R2: 3-4pm @ CDT Office on Fridays, Grade 1 & 2: 3-4pm @ HKIS on Mondays

The confident club is a specialised therapeutic support group with the explicit goal of building and generalizing confident speech and social interactions for children. Group sessions allow kids to learn through modelling and observing each other. They inspire each other to develop their bravery!

Group Targeted Goals:

  • Improving prosocial skills
  • Strengthening persistence with challenge
  • Tolerating uncertainty and making guesses
  • Learning how to advocate for themselves
  • Speaking confidently
  • Initiating interaction with others

The group will be run by Assistant Psychologists Daisy Geddes and Florrie Manzoni, supervised by Clinical Psychologist Dr Melissa Giglio.

Cost: HK$10,000 total for 10 sessions

Registration: Fill out this form, or email:

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