Fly-in Clinic

Central Health Partners Child Development Team understands that many expatriate and international school communities in the Asia-Pacific Region have limited access to experienced and qualified professionals who offer mental health, behavioural, developmental, occupational, learning, and language support.  To address this, we offer a flexible schedule of services ranging from individual therapy, comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations, and school-wide professional development.  We consult with the parent or school to create a tailor-made itinerary that best suits your needs.  We usually travel with at least one psychologist, one occupational therapist, one speech and language therapist, and one learning enhancement teacher.  When we do fly into a city, we often like to connect with a local charity or not-for-profit organisation to support them in the most appropriate manner.
In the past, we have offered families and school communities:
  • Comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations
  • Professional Development for teachers and senior management
  • Parent workshops
  • Student workshops
  • Consultation services for families and / or individual teachers
  • Individualized education plan development and support
  • Short-term, intensive individual or family therapy
  • Socio-emotional curriculum design and implementation
  • Mini-conferencing services focusing on child development and learning