Clinical Governance

The CDT aims to provide the highest level of quality care and service to the families and schools in our care. We safeguard our standards of care, by using a clinical governance model to maintain and assess the quality of client care we provide. The CDT distinguishes itself from other private practices in Hong Kong through its use of our clinical governance team who ensure our families receive the highest standard of therapeutic support that is evidence-based, empirically supported, and abides by ethical standards.

The clinical governance team ensures our specialists are accountable for their work with families and schools, in order to deliver exceptional service. Our specialists partake in supervision to ensure clinical effectiveness and enhance their ongoing professional development.

Our specialists engage in ongoing continuing education for their professional development throughout the year, as well as systematically reviewing the level of care we provide. This is to ensure our education, training, and standards of care, are empirically supported and gold standard.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our clinical governance or wish to lodge an ethical or clinical complaint, please contact our clinical director.