The Child Development Team offers four kinds of events throughout the year:

  • Group programs. Our programs run throughout the year and focus on different area of development and different age ranges.
  • Speakers Series. Our Speakers Series usually take place twice a month, focusing on different topics of interest for parents, teachers, and other professionals. We limit the number of attendees to twelve in order to make the series as interactive and targeted as possible.
  • Webinars. These are conducted by Master Therapists or experienced Professors from abroad, usually taking place quarterly, focusing on different topics of interest for professionals in fields related to education, development, and psychology. Our Webinars are conducted in our clinic using our Training Room and limited to twelve participants.
  • Training. Twice a year we invite a Master Therapist or Professor to spend a week or two working with us, parents, and other professionals in Hong Kong on specific themes.

Our calendar also includes other talks, presentations, and workshops from other organisations in Hong Kong that we think may be of interest to the families and schools we work with. If you would like your event to be included in our calendar, please contact our CDT Director.