Our team works closely with non-profit and charitable groups in Hong Kong offering their expertise to support individuals and families in need. Our specialists host workshops and presentations for local non-profit organisations, businesses, and schools.

The CDT collaborates with the following non-profit and charitable groups in Hong Kong and Asia:


The CDT collaborates with schools, providing professional development and training on a range of developmental, neurological, educational, social, emotional, and behavioural topics. Our specialists provide support to help manage crisis situations, and offer consultation services for individual students, classrooms, and faculties. The CDT offers onsite services as required.


The CDT strongly feels that financial challenges should not be a barrier to accessing support. For families in need of financial assistance, CDT maintains a pro bono fund that allows families to access our services at a reduced rate. For families wishing to access this fund, they should contact the director of the CDT. Families that typically utilise this service are refugees, families with financial struggles, and children housed in charity projects.