Clinical Governance

The CDT aims to provide an excellent level of service to the families and schools it works with. We aim to safeguard our high standards of care by creating an environment in which outstanding clinical care will thrive. One approach to maintaining and improving the quality of client care is utilising a clinical governance model.

The CDT is one of the few private practices in Hong Kong that is guided by a distinct clinical governance team to ensure that families receive the highest standard of support that is research-validated and morally and ethically implemented. The clinical governance team also ensures that each team member is accountable for their work with families and continues to deliver an exceptional level of service. Each member of the team receives frequent supervision from supervisors in Hong Kong or abroad to ensure clinical effectiveness.

Each member of the team also engages in continuing professional development throughout the year to ensure that education, training, and personal development continue to be at the fore. Twice a year, we invite master therapists and renowned professors to become resident trainers and supervisors to continue our professional development (link to training). The CDT systematically reviews its level of care to ensure a quality improvement process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our clinical governance or wish to lodge an ethical or clinical complaint, please contact our Clinical Director .