Sharmila Rodricks

Sharmila is a highly experienced and trained learning enhancement teacher who has over fifteen years experience working with children who learn differently.  Sharmila is skilled at building rapport with children who usually find learning a difficult and an anxiety provoking activity by providing a caring, nurturing, fun, and positive experience for children.  Leveraging her extensive experience working with educational and child development specialists, Sharmila draws on techniques from occupational therapists and speech and language therapists to support learning in a holistic and engaging manner.  From the outset, Sharmila will assess children’s area(s) of difficulty, devise a tailor-made learning support plan, and constantly monitor progress to ensure the child is working towards their academic goals.  She collaborates with the student’s classroom teachers and support team at school to ensure that learning strategies and skills are consolidated and systematically addressed.  Sharmila has received advanced training in the Orton-Gillingham approach to literacy, a research validated approach to supporting literacy development, and Numicon, a well researched approach to teaching numeracy.  Sharmila is also adept at preparing children to learn academic skills, imparting key pre-literacy and numeracy skills and strategies to strengthen children’s academic foundations.

For children ages three to eleven, Sharmila can be seen by appointment at our Southside clinic.  Group classes are also available.