Vanessa Thai

Vanessa Thai is an Australian-trained optometrist with over 12 years of experience. She completed her Bachelor of Optometry Degree, Postgraduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics and Specialist Certificate in the Management of Paediatric Patients at the University of Melbourne. She has practiced optometry in the public sector, private and corporate practices as well as provided clinical teaching at the Australian College of Optometry.

She has collaborated with the International Centre for Eyecare Education and provided voluntary eyecare to rural areas of Sri Lanka. Since her relocation to Hong Kong in 2009, she has worked in various capacities at Polytechnic University’s School of Optometry and was one of the 51 authors invited to contribute to the global resource on “Optometric Care within the Public Health Community” in which she co-authored the chapter on Asia. She has consulted at Matilda International Hospital and iSight Optometric Eyecare Centre.

Vanessa can be seen by appointment at our Southside clinic.

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