Learning Enhancement Services

Our educational consultants offer comprehensive assessments in specific academic areas to identify strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to develop a comprehensive tailor-made Individual Support Plan (ISP) that can be utilised by the student’s school or private tutor. Our educational consultants can also work with the ISP to provide highly focused, engaging, and fun lessons to promote academic development using a variety of research-based educational materials and programs. Regular testing is conducted to ensure that the student is making progress and allows us to adjust lessons depending on progress.

Students typically accessing these services are those with a neurodevelopmental difficulty such as Specific Learning Disorders in reading (Dyslexia); mathematics (Dyscalculia); and Written Expression (Dysgraphia), or ADHD. Likewise, students who are advanced in certain subject material (such as those advanced in mathematics) would also benefit from this service.

For more information on the CDT’s learning enhancement services, please review our Learning Enhancement Information Sheet.