Confident Crew

‘Confident Crew’, led by Dr Giglio, is a small group setting which allows children to practise speaking confidently. It provides children with a classroom environment and is structured like a school day. It provides plenty of engaging, fun, and challenging activities and our therapists provide individual support for the children, guide them through the activities and adjust the challenges as the day progresses.

Common targeted goals include:

  • Responding to questions
  • Increasing verbal interactions with peers
  • Eliciting spontaneous speech
  • Initiating interactions with others
  • Tolerating uncertainty and making guesses or estimations
  • Seeking support verbally when needed

Each Confident Crew day ends with a trip to the ‘prize room’, which provides the children with an opportunity to buy a prize with the points they have earned for brave talking.


This group is a component of the selective mutism therapeutic programme. An initial assessment with Dr Giglio is required. Please contact us to set up an initial assessment.