Speech and Language Services

Our speech and language therapists support individuals from the age of two to eighteen years who have speech, language, executive functioning, social, or communication challenges. Our therapists strongly believe in proactive early intervention and will intensively work with young children and other relevant stakeholders to consolidate and facilitate the development of language abilities. Our therapists understand that for many children and teenagers, attending speech and language therapy can be quite a difficult and frustrating experience as they are working on something their clients find very difficult. However, our therapists are skilled at building a strong relationship with their clients and making their sessions engaging and productive.

As with the other members of the team, our therapists ensure that other relevant personnel, such as teachers and tutors, are communicated with to provide a systemic approach to speech and language therapy.

Before commencing speech and language therapy, parents are urged to have their children complete medical and formal audiologic testing to detect and rule out any medical conditions or hearing loss that may contribute to a speech impairment if a speech impairment is noticeable or a concern.

For information on SALT assessments, please go to our Assessment page.

For more information on Speech and Language Therapy, please refer to our Information Sheet below: