Family Systemic Therapy

This therapeutic approach is distinct from other traditional psychotherapies in that it actively considers the family system as a social unit rather than isolating a particular individual. It enables families to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely and constructively, to empathize with each other’s experiences & views and appreciate other’s needs and thrive upon family strengths by making adaptive changes to their relationships. In essence, Family Systemic Therapy (FST) fundamentally focuses on familial interactions, quality of relationships, various aspects of family development and functioning, among others. Apart from this, FST is also based upon systemic assumptions,which highlights the role of wider systems within an individual’s life, such as their community, society and culture to which they belong. With this in mind, FST regards ‘context’ to be fundamental for an individual’s psychological development and emotional well-being, and in turn addresses an individual’s problems in relation to the different social contexts in which a person can live: as a partner in a couple relationship, as a family member, or a person attached to particular cultural and/or religious associations. The family unit can be both a great source of support but also a source of distress,misunderstanding and pain. Therefore, FST is an appropriate and effective method to enhance the ability of family members to harness a supportive network between each other.

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