Picky Eaters

Eating is so wrapped up in numerous cultural and emotional expectations. A parent instinctively feels the responsibility to ensure that their child is well fed. Eating is something that we need our child to do at least three times a day. Added together these facts can cause a parent and family a huge amount of stress and anxiety if their child is a picky eater. Children instinctively pick up on this stress which leads to a further decrease in their appetite (adrenaline decreases appetite). Some children turn each meal time into a massive battle which feeds the viscous cycle.

Picky eating is common amongst children with as many as one in four parents reporting that their child limits their own dietary choices in some way. Common causes of Picky Eating include the following:

  • Residual reflux which makes each meal a painful process
  • Physical difficulties with eating such as holding an upright posture, chewing or swallowing which make eating too hard
  • Teething can make eating uncomfortable
    Allergies to food can make eating certain foods unpleasant
  • A cold or blocked nose can make it difficult to breathe and swallow
  • A previously negative experience associated with eating such as gagging

For more information, including common myths on picky eating and what you can do, please refer to our information sheet below: