Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Clinic

The ASD team consists of highly trained and experienced practitioners who provide sensible, practical, and collaborative support to children with ASD and their families. If a child has no yet completed an assessment, we often recommend that they complete our Inter-disciplinary Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Assessment so that we can obtain a confirmed diagnosis and a base-line to measure the efficacy of any treatment that may be suggested.

Following the inter-disciplinary evaluation, the ASD team organise a case conference to discuss treatment options that are presented to the family. Once the plan is finalised with the involvement of the caregiver(s), a detailed Individual Support Plan (ISP) is developed. ISPs are typically multi-modal, and involve a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, and enrollment in social skill group programs.

Our Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC) is assigned to the family to manage and coordinate all the various professionals. The CCC monitors the child’s development throughout treatment and will modify the ISP as necessary based on feedback from the therapists involved.

Most young children are re-evaluated a year later to confirm any provisional diagnosis as we often see rapid progress once challenges are addressed appropriately and we do not want to make any diagnostic errors. This re-assessment also allows us to calibrate the ISP.