Executive Functioning Evaluation

Executive function skills rely on three primary brain functions: working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. We use these skills on a daily basis to learn, work and manage our day-to-day tasks. Difficulties with executive function can impact a child’s ability to focus, follow directions and regulate their emotions.

Our executive functioning evaluation assesses various components of executive functioning through a combination of assessment tools, caregiver and child interviews, observations, and quantitative and qualitative measures.

The executive functioning evaluation is suitable for a child who does not have a history of developmental or academic concerns. Children with concerns in these areas benefit from a comprehensive diagnostic and psychoeducational evaluation. After the caregiver intake session, the psychologist determines which evaluation is most beneficial for the child.

How do I know my child needs an evaluation?

  • They are of school age (6 years and over)
  • There may be concerns regarding any of the child’s executive functioning domains (outlined in the figure), without additional concerns regarding specific learning difficulties or developmental milestones

What is included in the assessment?

The evaluation is always conducted in the morning to ensure that we are assessing the child’s true ability and potential.

Components Duration
1. Initial caregiver consultation One hour
2. Assessment session Three hours
3. Feedback session with caregivers One hour