Eating Disorders Clinic

Our Eating Disorders Clinic provides specialist management in an inter-disciplinary outpatient setting. We are a team of professionals with experience and a special interest in managing people with eating disorders offering expertise from differing health backgrounds. The team consists of a clinical psychologist, dietician, family therapist, general practitioner, nurse, and specialist in psychiatry.

Following referral, the individual who may have an eating disorder undergoes a detailed and comprehensive assessment of their psychological and medical health. We work closely with the individual and family members. An individually tailored management plan, based on the Identification and Management of Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents developed by David Rosen and the Committee on Adolescence is discussed with the client and/ or their carers and recommended treatment may include:

  1. Immediate management of risk features and stabilisation of physical health complications or mental health emergencies.
  2. Implementation of a diet that optimises recovery.
  3. Psychological therapy that best suits the client’s and family‚Äôs need (for, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy).
  4. Support for carers.
  5. Ongoing monitoring of psychological and physical health.
  6. Recommendation of medication (If clinically indicated).

Throughout treatment, the team members meet regularly to share their experiences with the aim of creating robust working alliances to tackle the challenging nature of eating disorders.

For more information on Eating Disorders, please review our Eating Disorders Information Sheet.