Psycho-Legal Work

Central Health Partners Child Development Team offer a range of psycho-legal services:

Child Custody Evaluations

Couples choose to become married to love, honor, and cherish each other.  No honest person marries with the intent to get divorced but for some families this becomes a reality.  Most people who divorce are blindsided by the problems and emotional intensity involved in the conflict.  Divorce carries with it the loss of the dream of a happy marriage, the financial loss of a divided estate, and worst of all, the divided custody of their children.

In those cases where couples cannot negotiate a settlement, the Court is asked to make decisions for them.  We rely on the Court to be fair and impartial.  Regarding the children of divorce, we rely on the Court to determine a parenting plan that protects their best interest. When the Court wishes to have an expert’s opinion on this critical issue, a clinical psychologist is often appointed to conduct a Parenting Evaluation. It is at this point that Central Health Partners Child Development Team becomes involved.

The parenting evaluation process is exhaustive and thorough.  It is based on protocols developed at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and represents the standard of practice in the USA.  In making a recommendation that will change the life of a child, no less effort would be acceptable.  Therefore, we offer this service to couples who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.  Parents who undergo this evaluation may not always get what they want in the end, but they do feel that their voices have been heard and that their children are the first consideration of the future.


Medico-legal psychiatric evaluation

Our psychiatrists are regularly asked by the courts to produce expert medico-legal reports in the context of child safety and child protection.  These reports are comprehensive and independent.