The Child Development Team provides a comprehensive range of developmental services that are evidence-based and individualized to the needs of each child and their families. We are dedicated to creating treatment that is both accessible and practical for parents and schools in order to support and empower children to fulfill their potentials.

Our experienced clinicians bring forth a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach in addressing diagnosis, assessment and treatment for your child. If a child requires treatment from more than one clinician, our Clinical Care Coordinator (CCC) ensures that clients receive high quality support services by enhancing collaborative family-centered care. To find out more, please visit our Clinical Care Services page.

Our care and treatment regularly extends beyond the clinic, and we readily work with children in environments which they find challenging. Treatment plans often involve collaboration with teachers, caregivers and other specialists in order to support your child as needed, and in turn evaluate progress and adjust treatment as deemed necessary across environments.

The CDT offers an eclectic range of specialized treatments that are scientifically-based and effectively designed for children and adolescents. Each of our team members are proficient in personalizing treatment through validated modifications of therapies. For children with severe symptoms of families from overseas, we also offer intensive group-based interventions to encourage a greater change in treatment goals in a shorter period of time.