Assessment Services

Sometimes parents and/or teachers are concerned about a particular area of a child’s development or are finding it difficult to parent, teach, or support this individual. Oftentimes, an assessment will help identify any underlying challenges that may be contributing to these concerns, and indicate how best to facilitate the child’s development. Assessments are also valuable in highlighting a child’s strengths and can identify how to utilize these strengths more effectively and continue to develop them. Our assessments provide parents and teachers, and the child or adolescent themselves, with valuable information about how that individual learns, how to facilitate learning, and identify strengths or weaknesses.

The CDT offers a suite of different assessments that focus on different areas of need:

Interdisciplinary Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Assessment

The Child Development Team offers a truly comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment for toddlers through to young adults. Our INDA is the gold standard in assessment for parents and professionals who wish to obtain a complete perspective on a child’s development. It is research-based and aims to provide parents and educators with a road map to facilitate the child’s development in a holistic manner.

Each INDA begins with a comprehensive in-take interview with the child’s parents conducted by one of our psychologists or trained paediatricians. Following from this meeting, a mini case-conference is held between our different specialists and may involve our doctors, psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and dietician to design an assessment that will focus not only on the main areas of challenge, but also focus on highlighting areas of strength. For more information, please refer to our INDA Information Sheet.

Early Years Assessment

Utilising our inter-disciplinary team, The Child Development Team has created a unique assessment designed specifically for babies and toddlers under the age of six.
The EYA aims to provide a sensible, practical, and conservative evaluation of a child’s development. The EYA helps parents and educators better understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses and how they can best support that child. We are less interested in assigning a diagnosis, but more interested in how to facilitate a child’s development. Any diagnosis is usually provisional pending a re-evaluation at a later stage in the child’s development. The assessments are usually fun, engaging, and flexible. We aim to make the child and his or her caregiver(s) feel comfortable and safe with the process and hope to make it an empowering and positive experience. This assessment also evaluates the child’s school readiness and pre-academic (or academic) skills. For more information, please review our Early Years Assessment.

Gifted and Talented Assessment

We are increasingly conducting assessments that focus on those children and adolescents who are intellectually and/ or academically advanced. Quite often these individuals need a thorough evaluation in order to access enrichment services at school and other programs abroad.

Our GT evaluation clarifies the individual’s cognitive and academic abilities and also briefly examines socio-emotional functioning to ensure we are taking a holistic perspective. This evaluation aims to provide the family and school with information commensurate with the National Standards in Gifted and Talented Education Programming Standards, Blooms Taxonomy, and the Iowa Acceleration Scale.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment

Our resident psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults to identify any mental health difficulties that may warrant psychological or psycho-pharmaceutical interventions. Our clinical team work closely with parents and (with parental permission) relevant educators to ensure that the individual is receiving comprehensive support between home and school.

Speech and Language Assessment

Our speech and language therapists provide comprehensive speech and language evaluations to determine whether a child has a communication difficulty, the nature of this difficulty, and appropriate interventions or recommendations needed to facilitate language development.

In addition, our therapists have a battery of tests that can rule out hearing and other audiological processing difficulties that may be impeding language development. Our speech and language therapists will often teach parents and relevant educators practical strategies of how to consolidate a child’s language development to ensure that there is a clear road map to support this child. For more information, please refer to our Speech and Language Therapy Information Sheet or our Services page.

Occupational and Physio Therapy Assessment

Our occupational therapists conduct comprehensive occupational evaluations that examine gross motor, fine motor, sensory integration, and executive functioning abilities to rule out any challenges and provide appropriate recommendations to facilitate the development of these challenges.

Recommendations and practical strategies are typically provided to parents and educators to ensure that these strategies are implemented systematically. Please review our Occupational Therapy Information Sheet or our Services page for more information.

Psychological / Psycho-educational Assessments

The CDT has been built on its psychological and psycho-educational assessments and we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive, positive, and empowering evaluations that pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to facilitate the development of children and adolescents.

All our assessments are individualised to ensure that families and schools get the most out of our assessments. We have one of the largest test libraries in Hong Kong, which enables us to pinpoint any areas of difficulties and strength, and also allows us to provide specific and practical recommendations.

Our psychologists are experienced professionals who are fully qualified and licensed in their home country. They are friendly and approachable, and genuinely enjoy working with children and adolescents. Our psychologists work closely with many of the international schools in Hong Kong to ensure that our reports and recommendations are applicable to your child’s school. This also allows the psychologists to collaborate with the school to ensure that your son or daughter is getting the most out of our evaluations. For more information, please visit our PEA Information Sheet.