Group Services

The CDT offers a diverse schedule of group programs throughout the year facilitated by many of the team members. The CDT utilises the unique multidisciplinary element of the team to offer programs that are facilitated by two (or more) team members, often from different areas of specialty, in order to provide particularly effective programs. Most of our programs are research-validated or created using research-based strategies and skills.


Confident Crew

Confident Crew is a one-day intensive program for 4 to 8 year olds offered a number of times throughout the year for children presenting with Selective Mutism (SM) and Social Anxiety Disorder. The day is structured like a school day, with plenty of engaging, fun, and challenging activities planned.

Trained therapists and counsellors, led by the CDT SM Program Director Dr. Melissa Ortega, provide individual support and guide children through the activities and adjust the challenges as the day progresses. Common targeted goals focus on increasing responses to questions from other children or adults, increasing spontaneous speech, increasing the volume of their voice, initiating interactions with others, and making guesses or estimations when unsure. Each Confident Crew day ends with a trip to the prize room, which provides the children with an opportunity to ‘buy’ a prize with the points they earned for brave talking.

For more information, view our most recent Flyer. For scheduling, view our calendar.


Social Thinking Programs

The CDT have been running Social Thinking programs, based on Michelle Garcia-Winner’s Social Thinking Concepts, for the past six years to improve children’s socio-emotional and behavioural regulation, social interactions, and prosocial behaviours. These programs are available for 6 to 12 year olds.

During this time, we have developed and tweaked these programs to better suit different age ranges and the social culture present in many international schools in Hong Kong. We involve parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with the child as much as possible through weekly updates and in-clinic presentations so that strategies and skills can be generalised and reinforced in the different environments the child functions in.

Over the years, we have found that many children joining these programs have underlying difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviours. Therefore, we have recently started offering social thinking programs in collaboration with themes and strategies based on the ALERT program, an Occupational Therapy program. This allows us to provide a unique, Social Thinking + ALERT curriculum to increase the effectiveness of the program.

For more information, view our most recent Flyer. For scheduling, view our calendar.